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Uncapped, Wireless, WiFi, Fibre Speed Internet

Unshaped, Unthrottled, No Fair Usage Policy

We offer nothing but the fastest, most reliable and most affordable
wireless internet available right here in Protoria.


Super Fast Fibre Internet

The latest advancement in broadband technology, fibre 
optic broadband is promising super-fast speeds for all of your
daily internet needs. Get fibre anywhere in South-Africa. Covering some of our own fiber locations right here in Pretoria.

“Change your thoughts and change your world”

Norman Vincent Peale

The internet is the world at your finger tips.



Data Veu is a passionate Wireless (WISP), Fiber Internet and Telecommunications service provider based in Pretoria South-Africa that offers services nation wide.


Fast, reliable & affordable

Data Veu offers a wide range of Internet connectivity solutions at attractive prices. Our network is built with speed and redundancy in mind, so that you can enjoy a super-fast and reliable fibre, fixed-wireless or LTE-A connection at your home or business.

IT support experts

We have built a first-class team over the past 5 years. Our network and support engineers are well trained to international standards. We specialise  in Wi-Fi network, communication and IT solutions, Data Veu will take a customers needs and advise on the best possible solution. All that and more just simplified.

Next Level

We invest on our fibre and fixed wireless networks to ensure speed and reliability are synonymous with the Data Veu brand. We are well positioned to support your Internet needs today and far into the Gigabit future.


Pretoria, South-Africa
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